FREE 111-Word Sales Script

Apply the psychology of selling to enroll your ideal clients without being “salesy”, “spammy”, or having “commission breath” 


FREE 111-Word Sales Script

Apply the psychology of selling to enroll your ideal clients without being “salesy”, “spammy”, or having “commission breath” 

Download this free script to discover… 

  • The proven 111-word sales script to easily discover your ideal client’s needs. 
  • The psychology of sales in 4 easy steps that you can start using immediately! 
  • How to stop convincing people, and instead, have them lining up to work with you.  

Who is Dr. Erin? 

High Performance Business Coach International Speaker 3x Best-Selling Author Positive Psychologist “Professional Saleswoman of the Year" (Nevada, 2018) “Top 20 Most Powerful Women in Nevada” 

Hi, I’m Dr. Erin and I’m thrilled to meet you! I am obsessed with helping entrepreneurs and business owners get AMPED, which means I am obsessed with YOU being A-Activated, M-Motivated, P-Productive, E-Energized, and D-Disciplined. I believe you can create a profitable business while, at the same time, being happy, joyous, and free! It’s my mission to help you remove overwhelm, fear, frustration, and distractions and create a life and a business you are obsessed with! I proudly travel the United States to speak on big stages and host my own 1-day LIVE events. I recently won Saleswoman of the Year and Top 20 Most Powerful Women in Nevada. I have been featured in numerous mainstream media and am a 3X best selling author on Amazon, writing in 3 books, “Obstacles Into Opportunities”, “What’s Self-Love Got To Do With It?”, and “Reno Rising”. I am on mission to help men and women sell more than they ever have in 2019. I truly believe selling equals serving and as my mentor Brendon Burchard says, “If you don’t make the money, you can’t sustain the message.” It’s time…your time…to step into your greatness and monetize your mission!  

Here Is What My Clients Say

Dr. Erin has helped me finally develop a program I am excited to sell! In 4 years I have never been so proud of how I help people and I am starting to attract my ideal clients. Dr. Erin has helped me go from hating sales to loving sales! Pamela, United States Pamela Zimmer Coaching 

Officially hit my first 5-figure month! As a publisher, Dr. Erin helped me sell into my book compilations from my own stage. I just led my first 1-day LIVE event and Dr. Erin helped me understand how to truly connect with my audience. I have 7 discovery calls this next week alone with people who want to bring their stories to life! Thank you Dr. Erin! Heather, Canada Follow It Thru Publishing  

I used to think I wasn’t a salesperson. Dr. Erin helped me realize that selling truly is about sharing my gifts with people and helping them. Now that I understand the psychology of heart-felt selling, I am getting out of my own way. In 4 months I have served 210 new clients and have 49 referrals! Thank you Dr. Erin for helping me sell with soul! Janet, United States Reno Center for Spiritual Development 

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